Need Some Inspiration to Follow Your Dreams? Meet the Man Who Spent 8 Years Building His Own Spacesuit

If you have ever been discouraged from pursuing your wildest dreams, archeology professor Cameron Smith is a perfect role model for why you should never give up.

Smith made national headlines back in September 2018 after he built his own spacesuit with the goal of testing it at 63,000 feet—a height at which no human can survive without specialized equipment.

Smith first fell in love with outer space after his father showed him videos of the moon landing as an 8-year-old boy. Throughout his life, he would write letters to retired astronauts and NASA officials, asking for advice on how he could get into space. When he was left unsatisfied by their answers, he decided to take matters into his own hands and build a DIY spacesuit.

For eight years, Smith used everything from zip ties and pie tins to motorcycle batteries and aquarium pumps to construct his spacesuit.

Despite how Smith endured multiple failures in the process, he finally succeeded in building a $1,000 suit that he would later put to the ultimate test in a hot air balloon flying above the Earth’s surface.

Although Smith only managed to reach 5,000 feet in the balloon, his determination and triumph has since become an inspiration to countless people. Not only that, he is apparently still building and testing his spacesuit with the aim of one day reaching 63,000 feet.